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Eat your way to success

It’s shocking to think that British kids are some of the unhealthiest children in the world. In fact,  recent statistics show that (23.6%) of children in reception are obese or overweight. Really??

The truth is, our children consume twice the recommended daily sugar intake. Even though the sugar tax will help to reduce this, the fact is that children are not eating or drinking the right brain foods.

Skipping breakfast stops you learning

Does your child regularly polish off fried foods, crisps and burgers? Perhaps your child skips breakfast when late for school, and then snacks on junk on the way?

Skipping breakfast reduces blood-sugar levels which impact on concentration. In short, this means that some kids won’t be able to keep up with a fast-paced curriculum.

Processed snacks, of course, might give an instant buzz – but they can’t give your brain the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

Are you hooked on sugar?

Often seen as pick-me-up energisers, energy drinks are in fact loaded with a scary amount of sugar. So what? Well, glucose disrupts our body’s natural PH (7.4) making it more acidic.

This in turn stops the good stuff reaching our cells – plus disrupts mineral absorption and balance. Not only that, but it’s been proven that sugar can trigger addictions similar to cocaine and alcohol.

Ultimately, sugar converts to fat – which can contribute to weight gain and high blood pressure.

How to feed your brain

Children, especially at secondary school level, acutely feel the pressure and stress of exams. So much seems to depend on them doing well these days.

That’s why it’s a necessity for them to make better food and drink choices.

  • Keep fizzy drinks for special occasions, not for every day consumption. Pep up water or sugar-free cordials with loads of ice to crunch.
  • Cut down on hidden additives/fat/sugar by cooking from scratch. Tastier by far!
  • Eat more colours! Mango slices are better than cake for afters…
  • Granola cereal sprinkled with sliced bananas is better than high-sugar cereals.
  • Snacking on hummus and breadsticks or crunchy veggie sticks is better than pizza slices all the time
  • Stir fries are quick, tasty and relatively low fat if you add plenty of spices and garlic rather than sugary sauces. A good opportunity to throw in some broccoli, or sugar snaps too!

Support your child to academic success

Of course, a balanced diet isn’t all children need. They also need to understand everything the education system throws at them.

Stress can lead to overindulging in sugary alternatives. So why not beat the stress by getting some first-class tutor support first?

Our team of tutors across Manchester and Cheshire will help your child to keep stress at bay. Get in touch today to speak to our popular 121 Home Tutors.


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