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How to ace exams and tests

Facing exams soon? Perhaps end of term, key stage or unit tests, GCSE subject tests, mock exams, common entrance papers, SATs, A Levels…

Because there’s so much testing in schools now, you’d think children find it easier? Sadly, no.

Many children our team of private tutors support fall into two main categories: those feeling overwhelmed and in panic mode, or those coasting along hoping for the best. Which are you?

The problem with panic mode is that it causes stress. Stress affects sleep, kills off confidence and stops the brain absorbing information. Panicky students expecting to fail often do.

Equally a ‘hope for the best’ approach usually leaves students who could do better falling behind their potential. Worrying, to say the least. What is the answer?

Get ahead by unlocking your mindset

Learning is all about psychology – in short, what you tell yourself. Do you want to learn? Do you believe you can ace those exams?

With little motivation, it’s hard to achieve anything. If you don’t think you are capable, you can be tripped up by crippling confidence. A vicious circle that”s hard to get out of…

Instead, try to think more positively. Don’t leave exam planning to the last minute. Put in place a strategy for success:

  1. Get help for those parts of the curriculum that you struggle with the most. Ask a teacher, check Youtube for tutorials, or arrange a private tutor to teach you techniques.
  2. Revise with friends. Two heads are always better than one. Teach each other a skill. Work through exam papers together so it feels less daunting to have a go.
  3. Break down revision and exam preparation into topic chunks, then work through them. This way you’ll find it easier to iron out which areas you are weaker on.

Still unsure where to go from here?

Still worried? Still struggling to know where to start? Worry not. Our 121 Home Tutors across Manchester and Cheshire are here to help. Get in touch with our fab tuition team now.

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