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Study History To Open Up Your Career Choices

How do you decide which subjects to study at GCSE and A Level? Which could yield the best career opportunities?

Surprisingly, perhaps, History offers endless career options. History’s transferable skills include research, critical thinking, and the ability to build arguments using data.

All are sought-after capabilities in the career market.

Where can a History A Level take you?

What’s brilliant about a Humanities subject is that you have so many career options open to you. Here are just a handful!


Law is an excellent career to pursue. Not only is the salary lucrative (and rises!), you can also specialise in a specific area of interest such as Family, Criminal, Litigation, Equity etc.

Research analyst

If you fancy getting into film, radio or TV, then your skills will be in demand. Being able to fact-check, wade through dense information then pull out the key points, and perhaps do market research to gather information are ALL sought-after skills.


An archivist, meanwhile, catalogues and preserves information. In this career, you could work in the media, public and private sector,  universities, museums and all levels of government. So much choice!

Teacher or Professor

If History is your passion, you might fancy getting into the classroom or lecture chamber to inspire the next generation of budding historians.

Teaching offers a fantastic career with decent pay and opportunities to diversify.

Take your career to the next level with a History Tutor

Here at 121 Home Tutors, we have a highly qualified History specialist who can help you at whatever level you’re on.

A Principal Examiner for GCSE History, Co-author of A level and GCSE History textbooks, and PGCE course provider, he really is a History expert.

Better still, you don’t have to be in the Manchester or Cheshire area to enlist his help. He’s available to tutor History classes online wherever you are in the world.

Just get in touch with us here at 121 Home Tutors the moment you are looking for a top History specialist.

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