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What are the big bonuses of online tuition?

If your child has been sent school work home to study remotely – whether it’s homework, a course to get on with, or remote learning if the schools are shut – you’ll know how tough it is to get children motivated.

Distractions seem to appear from nowhere too. YouTube, Computer games, Instagram have a seemingly hypnotic effect on young people’s minds. School work done in isolation can’t compete with the instant fix of social media.

The main problem?

In all honesty, it’s the lack of personal interaction. Asking questions, getting help instantly, being inspired and praised – all of these are missing in remote learning situations.

And if you can’t help as things have changed so much since your school days, it can take an age to get teacher feedback. By then the moment has been lost…

Is it a problem? It could be if your child is in a key year such as Year 5, 6, 9, 10 or 12. There’s no time to lose.

If your son or daughter is grappling with GCSEs or A Levels and is struggling with a challenging topic, it’s essential to confront the problem now. The curriculum seems to whizz by faster than a satellite these days!

How does online tuition make all the difference?

Now that we offer online learning using an educational platform, your child can continue their learning journey:

  • In tutor rooms, there’s still face-to-face tuition through video conferencing so that instant help is on hand.
  • There’s a shared whiteboard facility where you can both write on the board at the same time. Document sharing means you can highlight and edit texts as well. Brilliant!
  • If your child is dyslexic and often uses a scribe, our system let’s your child instantly see dictations as they are typed.
  • The raft of shared learning tools, embedded in tutor rooms, means tutors can set challenges you never thought possible online…

Best of all, far from being a strange experience, our students have loved the flexibility of online learning.

They can chat to their tutor in the comfort of their own room – without cluttering up the dining room or kitchen as usual when their tutor visits.

Want to find out more?

You can easily access our Online Home Tutors website here, or follow the link in another of our blog posts below. Alison at 1-2-1 Home Tutors is always available for a chat about how online tuition can work for you. Just get in touch!

Online lessons could not be easier

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