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The Online Route to 11 Plus Success

Is your child sitting an 11+ entrance test this year? Are they ready to face challenging exams? It can seem daunting at first given the competition for limited places.

Grammar and private school entry has always been hotly sought after. So it makes sense to build your child’s confidence by learning a raft of techniques to get ahead of the field.

Alongside traditional revision techniques to consolidate learning, the Internet offers a world of opportunity to help your son or daughter shine.

How online learning helps children learn fast

You can find oodles of resources, practice papers and learning games online. Children really enjoy the interactive nature of them, plus the convenience of learning anywhere – in the car, on the sofa, in the back garden relaxing, even on holiday.

Of course, it might be that your son or daughter needs personalised support tailored to specific needs. Why not try online tutoring?

Flexible learning

As well as using traditional pen and paper, a virtual tutor can use technology flexibly and efficiently to build critical skills. Poems or comprehensions can be annotated together by highlighting text, adding comments, changing font colour to reflect emotions.

A tutor can scaffold answers, and then the student could respond to the next question on a shared document. The beauty is that both can work through a problem together as they can see the work simultaneously while video conferencing.

Our one to one tutors have discovered that children love the immediacy and accessibility of this. Plus the ability to amend text on a screen offers children with self-esteem issues the chance to improve their skills in real-time.

Working together

Collaborative writing opportunities offer a powerful way to improve sentence structures, scaffold different writing genres, explore different ways to open and close a piece of writing within time limits.

By incorporating an image, movie clip, sounds or an audio story into the session, the tutor can dramatically bring learning alive.

Equally with Maths and Science, our 121 Home Tutors are using our superb shared learning platform to great success. Activities usually undertaken on paper can be instantly achieved online in our shared learning classroom – enabling even the most reluctant learner to access everything needed to improve.

Chat to an online 11+ tutor today

How can we help you? First off, our entrance exam tutors have a wealth of expertise in helping young learners secure a school place.

From Independent School headteachers to dedicated professionals with glowing credentials, we have a team of tutors to pick from who can help your child get ahead.

You can find out more here. 

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