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The Perks of Personalised Learning

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, been taught a musical instrument, or had driving lessons, you’ll know what a difference it makes when an expert is at hand to tackle your problems head on. Imagine instead trying to learn something tricky without help…

It’s the same for our children. When teachers rattle through a stuffed curriculum at breakneck speed, there isn’t time to support students crawling along at snail’s pace.

So while the class moves on to new learning pastures, your child is left behind grazing on the old feed.

The danger is…?

Confidence nose dives, panic sets in – and, before you know it, your child is stressed out big time.

That’s not all: because you haven’t been to school in centuries, you feel out of your depth – unable to support your child through such a frustrating time.

And should your child miss a week of lessons through illness, it can feel as if your child is behind their peers as there is no time to catch up.

How does personalised learning work?

Improves focus

Firstly, one-to-one learning means the tutor can focus on specific problem areas when your child needs it. Though teachers are wonderful, they simply have no time to do this at all.

Our students often say they feel petrified with a test or exam coming up –  totally unprepared as they never got to grips with the subject.

A private tutor can save the day by tailoring revision sessions to your child’s exact learning needs. Plus, if it’s last minute revision, an experienced tutor will have tricks, tips and strategies to pull out of their trusty bag!

Removes distraction

The other issue is that many children struggle to learn in class with teachers being away, poor behaviour, or just general noise. Introverted children especially prefer to learn in peaceful environments where they don’t feel overwhelmed.

This is where tuition at home or online can come into its own. Did you know it’s been proven that relaxed, stress-free brains learn faster? Here are 121 Home Tutors, we’ve seen the power of this over the years.

Quite incredible to unlock a foggy brain and help a child steer forward in clearer waters.  It’s one of the perks of being a private tutor.

Need some help today?

Contact our trusty tutor team whether you’re in the Manchester/Cheshire area, or anywhere across the world. At the very least, we can give you some advice on how to move forward.


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