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Smart Home Learning Study Tips

Are you home schooling, or want to manage homework or study time better? Is set work, assessments and exam prep piling up? It can feel totally overwhelming when you don’t know how to manage everything at the same time.

Cue our fab tutor team here in Cheshire and across Manchester. Many students we work with have found out the hard way what happens when they don’t or can’t get on top of home study.

So, without further ado, here are our top study tips to avoid meltdown.

The Smartest Study for Success Habits

Time to get SORTED, though not necessarily in this order! The mnemonic is to help you remember!

SPRUCE UP your study space. To max out productivity levels, pitch your study area where you have space to think, are not tempted to switch on the telly, and where people don’t traipse through like trains at Manchester Piccadilly!

ORGANISE subjects into folders rather than let paper mountains cause chaos. Date any work you do and file it in order. This can really help when you need to find something fast.

REVIEW and REWARD every week to tick off what you’ve achieved and reward yourself for targets met.. FaceTime mates, do something creative and fun!

TURN NEGATIVES into POSITIVES. Single out areas you’ve struggled with and build up a to-do list. Consult teachers, or if you have a private tutor arrange to go through the things you’ve not understood.

EXERCISE your body and mind. If you study first thing, get your body moving first. It makes you feel good, and gives you energy to take on the day.

DESIGN a timetable and stick to it. Think about when you are more productive, and how long you can focus for. It’s no good setting 90-minute sessions if your head is out of the room after half an hour. Be honest with yourself.

Routines remember help you stay grounded and feel more secure. BUT: don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day. Allow for flexibility if you need it.

Need extra support if struggling?

Don’t go it alone if you’re up against it. Feeling anxious about something won’t solve the issue. If you need curriculum support from your teachers or one to one help from a tutor, speak to your parents.

It’s better to confront a problem now rather than let it build.

Finally, never forget what an absolute star you are!


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