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Be an Online Learning Ninja

Online education is transforming how young people learn across the globe. In fact, online tuition ticks so many boxes for busy parents and young people nowadays, it explains why demand has gone through the roof here at 121 Home Tutors…

Though we still provide the best in face-to-face tutoring across Manchester and Cheshire, we also offer online lessons through our superb learning platform wherever you are!

Of course, it takes more than just having a portal. You need to make it work for you!

How you can make online learning a success

  1. Check hardware and software before starting. It’s important to make sure that your sound and visuals work. If you’ve earphones or Air Pods, make sure you know how to connect them up so that lessons start smoothly.
  2. Ask if the lesson can be recorded. Being able to watch a lesson again is a game-changer as it means that your child can use online lessons as a brilliant revision tool.
  3. Build lessons around life. The beauty of online lessons is that you don’t have to stop learning if on holiday, or if a tutor only works from home. Online learning is so convenient as no-one needs to travel. You just need a wifi connection!
  4. Keep pen and paper to hand. Though online, learning needn’t be restricted to just digital. Top learning ninjas use good old fashioned paper and pen too. For each online lesson subject, it’s wise to have an A4 ring binder to store notes/mind maps, keep homework in from school, or to retain any practise papers.
  5. Solve learning issues fast. Some students we teach are too anxious to go to school. Some feel invisible in the classroom or even in group online learning sessions with their teacher. Some have special needs stopping them from accessing even the basics. One to one lessons online offers a safe space to learn. A personal tutor can gently nurture your child – help them face any learning worries without others distracting them.

Arrange safe online tutoring today

Sadly, you can’t trust everyone these days. That’s why it matters that you find the safest possible tutors to work with your son or daughter. Where do you start?

Here at 121 Home Tutors, every tutor on the team has undergone the strictest checks to ensure that only the most reliable and safe tutors work with your children. To find out more, just get in touch with us.

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