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Can Exercise Really Boost School Performance?

Are your children often glued to smartphones, consoles or computers? Very different to how we grew up: running about outside after school, climbing trees and meeting mates in the park were commonplace. Not so now.

Yet studies have proven that physical exercise really does boost learning. How? And what benefits are there?

Why exercise is a no brainer

  1. Amazingly, brain activity is sharpened by exercise. Exercise sends oxygen to the brain, creating more neurotransmitters. These help children think faster and clearer.
  2. As more oxygen pumps round the body, children can remember information and concentrate for longer – both crucial skills to ensure exam success.
  3. Not only this, but exercise also creates energy. When kids move regularly, blood flow is increased. This in turn delivers nutrients to different parts of the body fast – helping kids feel energised and more alert.
  4. Exercise is also an incredible anxiety buster! As you exercise, feel-good chemicals (endorphins) flood your body making you feel happier, more in control and less stressed. It really is true! Mind and body are intrinsically linked… With anxiety levels on the up in young people, an activity regime will hugely help them navigate through the tough times.

From a physical development point of view, exercise also strengthens bones and muscles. Plus, the more you exercise, the less weight you take on board.

Because of the increase in children with type 2 diabetes, getting the bug for exercise could help boost your child’s fitness as they head into adulthood too.

Mind and body exercise can change your world

It’s incredible to think that moving can have such a profound effect on your health, hey?

Given that your children sit down for many hours of the day, and then have homework aplenty to plough through, it makes sense to build in opportunities to get active as often as possible! Maybe you can get fit too?

Check out our next post for fab, fun ideas on how to get moving!

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