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How to Get Mind and Body Fit

ANY exercise will boost brain power, increase resistance to illness and help concentration levels. That’s why getting your kids to move more can have a massive impact on their health and school achievements.

As we explored in our last post, ‘Can Exercise Really Boost School Performance?’ getting fit is a no brainer. But where do you start? The fab news is: there are simple things you can do without the expense of joining a gym. Let’s go!

How to get movin’ movin’

  • Swap a ball for a balloon. Have competitions to see how long the kids can keep the balloon in the air. Keep a tally, turn it into a competition. Works in the house too, though best in a large room!
  • We love the Internet! It’s a font of knowledge. Rather than sit and play computer games, why not tap into YouTube and get fit? Check out these kids dance videos! Roll the rug back in the front room, move the coffee table, and get moving.
  • Go for a family walk after dinner or lunch at the weekend. Smartwatches count steps nowadays – a brilliant way to get kids to challenge themselves. If raining, check out these virtual fitness classes.
  • You don’t need a huge trampoline in the garden to keep fit. Smaller rebounder trampolines are fab for keeping fit inside. Jog on the spot, do Zumba moves, or street dance. We defy any teen to remain seated watching this!

Boost those brain cells

Of course, sometimes your child might be absolutely stuck on the spot with a subject. Rather than going forwards, it can feel like they are going round in circles – or even backwards. But don’t worry…

Simply talk to our trusty team of professional tutors here at 121 Home Tutors. With online tuition available or face-to-face, we can help get your child match-ready for any upcoming test or exam.

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