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How to thrive at school in the tough times

One of the biggest fears children in education have is fear of the unknown. Will exams be on, won’t they? Will I be prepared for the future, won’t I? Am I taking the right or wrong GCSE/A Level options?

The truth is, none of us can second guess what the future holds. Instead of feeling stressed about events, we can make life better by being prepared for whatever lies ahead.

A great place to start is to focus on positive gains, rather than dwelling on negative knock-backs.

Win today’s battles

With Covid-19, the educational landscape is changing. Certainties we took for granted are shifting. Your child might now:

  • Have several learning gaps to fill
  • Not know when or how they will be assessed – whether through statutory tests or centre assessments
  • Experience daily disruption to learning

The truth is, the future has always been unpredictable. So rather than worry, why not focus on what you can do to help your child initially navigate through this week?

Once you’ve nailed that, you can then plan ahead.

Slow and steady wins the race

It is said that all paths can lead to the same goal you set yourself. This means that by adapting to circumstances, your child can still shine and get ahead!

Try these practical ideas to help your child do just that:

  • Stick to a learning routine. Set time aside every day to tackle tricky topics. If your child is struggling with something, deal with it today. Do a Google search, check out YouTube – plenty of teachers share their expertise online now.
  • Prioritise workload. Schools will run regular assessments if exams are under threat. Contact your child’s teachers to find out when assessments will be likely due, then build a timetable of study around those dates.
  • Tackle core subject topics and skills. Many children struggle with one area of the core curriculum at one time or another anyway. Maths, English and Science are key subjects to get on top of. Why not search online for previous exam papers and go through answers?

Still need more specific support?

We’ve been supporting struggling children and parents across Cheshire and the Trafford area for many years. As online learning specialists now, we can extend our support wherever you are on the planet – and at more convenient times.

If your child is struggling to catch up, lacks motivation, has lost confidence, or you’re worried they’ve fallen seriously behind, get in touch with our respected tutor team here at 121 Home Tutors. If we can help, we will!

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