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Spark Your Child’s Interest in Science

Science is often a feared subject as it is split into three areas. Plus because it’s information heavy, students have to remember so much in a short space of time.

The trick though is to spark their interest first, pique their curiosity, get them asking questions. Once they are hooked, you can build on that by introducing more specific study techniques.

First, let’s ignite that spark – much like a Chemistry experiment! Just don’t blow the house up please…!

Set Science on Fire

Not literally, we hasten to add. It’s true, isn’t it? Kids LOVE seeing things for themselves. Why not start with looking through a window? The Internet. It offers a myriad of experiences at the click of a button.

  • Visit the Frogblog – a cornucopia of articles and videos from astronomy to zoology
  • Be a scientist for the day by exploring Science Sparks – a must-see website packed with ideas
  • Read and learn by browsing the National Geographic – a visual feast of articles and latest science stories
  • Give scientific pressies such as a magnifying glass, slime set, telescope, chemistry kit… and get them exploring!

Discover the secret of Science

Remember our popular blog: Discover the Secret of Science? We explored how the three sciences can lead to future careers. Everything from being a Forensic Scientist or Aerospace Engineer to Zoologist or Vet, saving animals’ lives.

Because Science is a core subject, it makes sense to get on top of it as soon as possible. While you can buy subscriptions for study websites – teach-yourself-science – it can work wonders to enlist the help of a Science tutor who can help with specific issues you’re grappling with now.

It’s a brilliant way to get first-hand knowledge and know-how if your child is learning something tricky in class. Plus, it can help to navigate them through the murky waters of GCSE and A Level exam prep and assessments.

Call our super Science team here at 121 Home Tutors today…

Who knows, get them into Science and they could invent the next bright idea or cure to change the world! 

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