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Is NOW the right time to hire a private tutor?

child struggles to learn

Is your child struggling too?

The Pandemic effect has led to much disjointed learning. Maybe your child has missed lessons, struggled with online learning and now hasn’t a clue whether they are coming or going?

Is hiring a private tutor, whether you’re in Manchester, Cheshire or beyond, a good idea right now – or will it all just blow over? Children can bounce back fast, but it depends on what the problem is.

Let’s explore two of the biggest learning problems your child might be facing.

Dip in grades

This can be a worry – especially when you don’t know exactly why, or how to turn the tide. Generally a slip in grades reflects that your child is struggling. There might be a myriad of reasons too. 

This is where a personal tutor can help reverse low performance and get your child right back on track. Identifying where the difficulty is and teaching tailored strategies could be all it takes to do just that. 

Loss of confidence

Some things aren’t easy to fix. When your child’s confidence has been knocked, they could easily be sucked into a downward spiral.

A loss in confidence can not only result in lower grades, it could also affect your child’s overall progress going forward. If your child has lost their way, and their self-esteem in the process, it needs addressing.

Lots of praise and support is a good move for starters. That said, many parents who come to us at 121 Home Tutors, say their child refuses to open up about their problems.

Struggling children or teens often dislike their parents knowing their difficulties. Again, this is where a trained tutor or teacher can make such a difference.

Knowing exactly what the signs are is half the battle. Knowing how to re-build a child’s shattered confidence is the next step. There’s where our wonderful private tutors come in… 

Get help when you need it

Just get in touch with our trusted team of tutors here in Manchester. An experienced private tutor or teacher is right on your doorstep, or ready to help online if you’re further afield. 

*Picture credit to Melbourne Child Psychology

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