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Impress any University with Your Personal Statement

Applying for university? Unsure how to write your personal statement? Fear not! Instead, think of it as your sales pitch where you explain why YOU, why THIS course. 

Interestingly, here at 121 Home Tutors in Manchester, we come across many students keen to go to Uni in the North West. For that reason alone, competition for places is often fierce!

Best, then, to put your best foot forward. Here are a few handy tips to help you do just that! 

Write your Personal Statement with this Winning Formula 

  1. Set a word budget: You have just 4,000 characters, including punctuation, paragraphs and spaces. This  equates to roughly an A4 piece of writing, so aim to be concise while packing in all the key information. 
  2. Whittle your course choices down. Because your personal statement goes to all of your chosen universities, make sure you write a statement which shows you are committed to that specific area of study. Wildly different courses could make you look as if you are unsure about your career aspirations.
  3. Write in a plain, clear style without metaphors. Universities have heard it all before about what ‘sparked’ an interest. 
  4. Be relevant. An academic course demands academic excellence. What academic achievements edge you ahead of the field? However, if applying for a vocational course, focus on relevant experience and what it taught you. 
  5. Read it out loud. This matters as you first want your writing to flow. Wheedle out any words which don’t earn their place.
  6. Check check check. Spot any spellings and grammar errors. You’d be surprised how many students don’t ‘pass go’ because of it!

Need further support?

Don’t leave it late as a fabulous Personal Statement needs time to get it right. First, check out UCAS for a detailed summary about how to add wow factor to yours.

Second, this popular post of ours has oodles of straight-up advice…

If you’re still stuck, get in touch with our experience private tutor team who have helped many a student achieve their dream of getting a place at their university of choice. 

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