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Take a Smoother Step to Secondary School

Is your child ready for Secondary School? Nerves galore can strike as a new term approaches, especially because big changes happen all at the same time. 

New faces, new buildings to navigate, new systems to follow, new friends to make. Everything can seem daunting as your son or daughter takes the leap from Primary into Secondary education…

And if your son or daughter can’t attend the usual Induction Day at the new school in the summer term, the jitters are bound to set in. Of course, for some children they can’t wait to get cracking. Big schools offers an exciting fresh start.

But, for many, it helps to have first-hand advice on how to sail through those early days without drowning under the strain. Cue our experienced private tutors and teachers ready to do just that.

Get Ahead Before Transitioning to Secondary School 

  1. Ask questions. If Induction Day is off, your new school will still have contact with you. Your new form teacher will be in touch to answer any questions and give any information that you need. Write a list of questions to ask. You’ll soon see that going to big school isn’t as scary as you first thought. 
  2. Get online. Visit the new school’s website –  it’ll be packed with information and usually a gallery of photos showing you the different areas round the site. You can always ask for a site map too. 
  3. Go shopping! A smooth start to a new term happens when you have everything you need – from uniform and PE kit to stationery, bag and equipment. 
  4. Practise timings! With a new journey to school – whether by foot, bus, car or bike – do a few dummy runs to work out the typical time it might take. Secondary schools often start earlier, so doing this in the summer term before the hols can help you prepare ahead. Check, too, if the new uniform includes a tie. It can take some time to practise if not used to it. 
  5. Spot familiar faces! Lots of your peers will probably be going to the same school. So if you want to know which familiar faces might be going through the same experience, ask around – or ask your teacher. Remember too – everyone will be in the same boat so you’ll quickly make new friends.

Anxious about learning gaps? 

Fear not. If your child feels unprepared for Secondary School or is struggling to catch up, a private tutor (whether in Manchester, Cheshire or beyond) can help them find their feet again. Call our experienced, trusty team of top tutors. 


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