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Private tuition – the biggest benefits

happy tutored child

Private tuition – what’s the big deal? Is it really worth it? What’s the catch?

The simple truth is? Working with a private tutor can be a game-changer. It stands to reason: your child doesn’t have to share their teacher with 30 other students. Time – THAT is the biggest commodity. 

All in all, here are the big wins open to you and your child.

Four top gains from private tuition 

  1. Meet every milestone. A personal tutor on hand can help you manage homework, prepare for tests, ace exams. In turn, this helps your child maximise their time, not waste it. 
  2. Boost performance. Because private tuition is entirely personalised to your child’s learning needs, academic excellence is accelerated. So if grades have dipped, your tutor will find out why, then focus on improving your child’s skills.
  3. Hear all about it! One complaint we hear time and again at 121 Home Tutors is that parents rarely hear how their child is doing at school. Reports are usually annual, with progress reports termly if lucky. Being the last to know that your child is struggling is not ideal. Instead, a private tutor gives you instant feedback. 
  4. Beat the blues. Children often hide that they’re floundering. Yet, it becomes all too obvious that things are falling apart when attitude problems creep in, marks plummet, or self-esteem disappears. Thankfully, working with a personal tutor can turn things round fast. By devoting 100% of the lesson on your child’s needs means that problems can be addressed there and then. 

Running out of time to catch up?

On top of all of these advantages, our parents say what a god-send their private tutor is as they can fit round family life and schedules. That’s why convenient learning can make all the difference. 

One word of warning. You can’t be too careful these days. Make sure you pick a tutor who has been thoroughly vetted, has references and is who they say they are. 

No wonder parents across Manchester and Cheshire – and anywhere else since we offer online tuition too – put their trust in us. We do all the hard work for you! Get in touch with our hard-working team here..

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  1. Joseph says:

    Your content speaks volumes for your dedication to writing quality articles. Best part of this article is Top Four gains from Private tuition.