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Need to pass your GCSE English Language first time round?

GCSE English Language is a sought-after qualification which you HAVE TO PASS at GCSE level. Along with Maths, English Lang is part of the retake system students enter up to age 18 in the UK – if they’ve not achieved grade 4.

Both English Language and Maths GCSE are entry requirements to A Levels, Further Education courses and even University places – many expecting grade 5. Employers still check if you have GCSE English and Maths! They truly open doors…

How many students pass their English Language GCSE?

In 2019, 62% of students passed their English Language exam. A whopping 38% didn’t, and needed to retake.

Let’s look at why this is and how you can avoid becoming a negative statistic!

What challenges will you need to overcome to pass?

  1. NOT KNOWING CONTENT! Compared to English Literature where some extracts from texts are given, English Language (for AQA for instance) are unseen papers. This means that ANY fictional text might appear in paper 1, and two non-fiction texts to compare on any random topic will appear on Paper 2. This often leads students to wrongly think that you can’t revise for English!
  2. UNDERSTANDING DIFFERENCES. There are two papers: Fiction and Creative Writing – plus Non-fiction and Argument/Persuasive writing. Both involve analytical skills, extracting information and writing concisely for Section A. Paper 2 involves comparing viewpoints in texts, finding differences/similarities and analysing how writers get ideas across. More facts here to chew over!
  3. EVERYTHING MATTERS. It’s not just your ability to analyse a wide-range of texts, but you are marked on your punctuation and spelling accuracy, choice of vocabulary and sentence structures too.
  4. FINE-TUNING READING SKILLS. If you rarely read, your vocabulary knowledge will be lower than another student who reads regularly. Reading shouldn’t just be Fiction-based though. It’s important to ‘read’ Non-fiction too such as articles, biographies, speeches. Paper 2 is all about being able to extract facts and synthesise them, as well as write opinionated pieces.
  5. MASTERING A RANGE OF SPECIFIC SKILLS. This is a big ask! English Language exams are fairly short, yet you have loads to pack in. The common problem is when students run out of time and miss out higher-mark questions. That’s why you have to understand what EVERY question expects of you – and practise like mad!

Pass first time with an experienced English Language tutor

In an ideal world, all students are equal. In reality, many students struggle with English Language because of their learning needs, that they are naturally more scientific or mathematical, their lack of reading – and a host of other issues.

Given the importance of this core subject at GCSE level, our expert English tutors are snapped up fast. So whether you are in Manchester, Cheshire or further afield, we can help your son or daughter pass their GCSE English Language too!

Just get in touch; we’ll be so pleased to help your child move onto the next rung of the ladder.

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