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I just don’t get it! What to do if your child is struggling too

Is your child confused?

How many parents have heard, ‘I don’t understand’? Have you? Beneath this short phrase is a massive can of worms. Once open, it can spiral out of control – fast!

First, you need to work out the trigger – and it’s not as easy as you’d think. Some children don’t want their parents to know how much they are struggling and try to mask problems.

Others even reject their parents’ help – always a painful situation for everyone.

And if the problem has been there for years – without being properly addressed – it can spell disaster if left.

What causes so much confusion?

As ever, a host of situations. Do you recognise any of these?

  • Loss of confidence after tests or mock exams
  • Teachers off sick, leaving, or too busy
  • Disjointed learning during lockdown
  • Your child is the youngest in their year, and seems behind
  • Specific learning difficulties haven’t been addressed at school
  • EHCP delays and setbacks
  • Your child is introverted and hates asking for help in class
  • The curriculum is fast-paced
  • Your child seems anxious all the time

And these are just the tip of the iceberg… Every child’s situation is unique to them.

What are your options right now?

  1. To start with, be persistent when dealing with schools and LEAs. With 100s and even 1000s of children to cater for, schools are usually overstretched. Contact teachers, HOY – even the Headteacher if you get little response.
  2. If resources are simply not available through school, you might need to try a different tack… Parents often go private to get a SpLD confirmed. Even with a confirmed condition, you need to keep going back to the school for support.
  3. With specific mental health problems, absolutely seek advice. This link might be helpful…

How can a private tutor make the difference?

Often, all a child needs is time. So when parents often approach us at their wits end – unsure what to do and how to go about it – our experienced tutors listen carefully, ask questions – and really care about getting to the bottom of the problem.

Just having someone in the know who has time to listen can lead to breakthroughs – often overnight. Once we get to the heart of the problem, we can help your child find a way forward… And take the stress away from learning.

Get in touch with our terrific tutor team today. There’s always a friendly face at the end of a call or email…

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