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Is private tuition online THAT different to lockdown learning?

One-to-one online tuition v lockdown learning. The winner? There is simply no comparison – even though parents often mention how much their child hated lockdown learning and are unsure if online tuition would work for them.

And we’re not surprised. That’s because teachers created resources for students at home as well as provide virtual whole class lessons with very little personal interaction or feedback. An impossible ask under trying circumstances….

In some cases, parents ended up teaching their children about subjects they knew little about. Frustration and stress set in… Luckily, none of this applies to online tuition through us. Let me explain…

How is online tuition different with 121 Home Tutors?

Benefit no 1: The joy of undivided attention

Lockdown learning allowed minimal interaction. With our easy-to-use online learning platform, it’s just like sitting at the same table. Teacher and student see and hear each other as usual.

As ever, your child can ask questions, share work and learn without anything distracting them. Apart from an occasional woof or meow from the resident house pet, that is…

Benefit no 2: Learn at your own pace

Because lockdown learning was set for whole classes – without differentiating for any individual learning styles, needs or issues – some children failed to keep up or take anything in.

Instead, online tuition with us allows total flexibility. Underpinned by personalised learning, your child can re-visit tough topics, confront what they struggle with and spend as much time as needed until they GET IT!

Benefit no 3: Access a wealth of learning materials without moving an inch

The beauty of online learning is that the platform we use enables your tutor to share all sorts instantly. Screen, documents, resources, short learning videos and whiteboard to work on simultaneously.

In fact, it can actually work better than face-to-face. Students can co-write stories on the same document with their English tutor for instance who might model sentence structures.

Or they might highlight key words, then annotate a document or exam paper. Fantastic real-time learning is just a click away.

Ask about how online tuition can benefit your child too

Whether your child is sitting 11+ or 13 plus exams, GSCEs or A Levels, we have a brilliant online tutor who is on hand right now.

Call us today for a non-obligation chat.

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