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Five Secrets to 11 Plus Success

11 Plus thinking

Is your child sitting 11 Plus exams this academic year? Unsure where to start?

Most 10 and 11 year olds have no experience of sitting exams against the clock – hence why we often receive tuition enquiries from panicking parents.

Instead of letting worries set in, focus on building skills today which will help your child achieve tomorrow. Best of all you can start right now.

Ready to master the 11 Plus? Here’s how to do it!

Time and again, our experienced team of 11+ tutors come across the same niggling issues in exam preparation. So to help your child get ahead fast, here’s a list of just some activities you can do straightaway.

  1. Find out everything about your school choice exams. Most set English and Maths papers, while others set Verbal Reasoning and even Non-Verbal Reasoning. Some 11 Plus exams are handwritten, while others are multiple-choice online. Doing some homework early on will help you build a list of exam types. You can then break down knowledge into different skill sets. Oh, and remember to check if you can access any familiarisation papers too.
  2. Master Maths and English basics first. Aim to walk before you can run. For Maths, get to grips with Number, Algebra, Wordy problems, Data Handling, Area and Space. For English, know your word and sentence types, practise punctuation, develop vocabulary. Have fun learning new synonyms and antonyms. Fab for VR tests too!
  3. Play the long-game … build skills over time. Encourage your child to read more diverse books – not just easier Harry Potter titles or David Walliams. Build more classics into their reading repertoire – with a dictionary on-hand to look up new vocabulary. For Maths, rock-solid knowledge of times tables is essential. This will mean your child will be able to multiply and divide in super-fast time.
  4. ¬†Skill-up before testing. Ploughing through endless exam papers before learning skills can be counter-productive if your child lacks confidence. Better to practise question types first before trying an 11 Plus paper. That way, you’ll identify weaker areas without knocking your child’s self-esteem.

Sitting the 11 Plus soon? Help is at hand

If the above has left you all aquiver, a steadying helping hand is available in a jiffy. Because our fabulous team here at 121 Home Tutors have build up years of expertise in helping children pass their entrance exams, no problem is too big.

We’re right here for you too. Just get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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