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The Three Biggest Benefits of Home Tutoring

Home tuition confidence

Few things in life offer endless benefits. Home tutoring is one of them…

Is that really true? Yes – absolutely. Our consistently superb results are testimony to that…

Let’s think about exactly how tutoring can make that all-important difference.

Tuition Benefit Bonanza 

1. Time is ALL Yours.

Nothing beats a trained, experienced teacher’s undivided attention. Nothing! 

Whereas classrooms can be competitive battlegrounds where children compete for help or else choose not to draw attention to themselves, problems sometimes go unsolved – leading to confusion and anxiety. 

When you work with a personal tutor, this issue disappears. Instantly!

Instead, home tutoring gives your child all the time they need to work through their individual weaknesses to turn them into strengths. 

2. Make Falling Behind a Thing of The Past.

Personalised support ensures that your child can work through aspects of a subject that they find challenging.

Better understanding increases confidence and therefore grades as a result. And with a personal tutor on hand,  your child can learn how to:

  • Study and revise
  • Manage homework
  • Prepare for tests
  • Ace exams 
  • Maximise their time, not waste it

Accelerating your child’s confidence that leads to progress is what it’s all about.

3. Get Instant Feedback 

One of the biggest gripes many teenagers and parents have about schools is that they rarely hear how they are doing. 

Reports are usually annual – with progress reports once a term referencing target grades or whether a student has met the standards. 

This means that parents are often in the dark, while students don’t know where they are going wrong or else are unable to address problems as the curriculum moves on at a flying pace nowadays. 

Even if an exam paper is marked, teachers are under so much pressure that they haven’t time to give detailed, personalised feedback.

While class feedback is common – especially at KS3 and 4, it doesn’t help your child if they need specific, step-by-step advice.

Imagine instead a private tutor giving you and your son or daughter the most practical curriculum support exactly when you need it – not months down the line. 

Beat the Blues. Arrange a Tuition Chat

Before any worrying or sleepless nights start, just get in touch with our wonderful team in Manchester and across Cheshire for a free, no-obligation chat with our renowned head tutor, Alison.

Although we offer the convenience of online tuition too, it starts with a chat about how we can help.

We like to get to know students first, and what the problems are – and then go from there. 

Simply get in tough with our popular team right here.

Image courtesy of Confident Teens dot UK

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