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Speak Italian? Why You Should Learn the Lingo

Learn Italian

Ciao! What career have you set your sights on?

  • Something in the fashion or design business?
  • Perhaps the luxury car industry?
  • Maybe history – or art – floats your boat?
  • Teaching in an International school such as in Rome?
  • Working for a top retail brand

In fact, did you know that world-famous brands such as Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace, often look for employees who can speak Italian?

You’d be amazed how many doors open when you can converse in Italian.

Speak Italian in the land of dreams

As you know, Italy needs no introduction.

It’s a dream location drawing millions round the world to its:

  • Beautiful cities and towns,
  • Inspiring historical monuments
  • Rich culture and heritage
  • Famous opera, classical music and painters
  • World-famous food from pizza to impossible-to-resist gelato ice-creams

Goodness me. Transport me there instantly! Who wouldn’t want a slice of that?

The truth is, you can too. That’s why learning to speak Italian could be the BEST move you’ve ever made.

Is Italian Easy to Learn?

Italian is renowned for being one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It has a gorgeous musicality to it that is instantly recognisable.

Operas, of course, are usually sung in Italian. So that makes perfect sense…

Essentially, the Italian alphabet is the same as the English alphabet – that really helps.

Also, many words that us Brits use stem from Latin – and so are instantly recognisable.

Let’s face it. Who hasn’t heard of diva, bravo, panini, paparazzi, maestro, fiasco, finale?

Grammar wise, Italian is much easier to get the hang of than other European languages such as German and Spanish. Once you get started, you’ll find that you just don’t want to stop.

And you might even come to amo L’italiano – love Italian.

Want to Speak Italian like the Romans?

Ha ha. We couldn’t resist. After seeing Gladiator for the umpteenth time, the city of Rome is the epicentre of all things we know and love about Italy.

On a more serious note: those who can speak Italian or other languages often find themselves in better paid and more high-powered jobs.

So, do you too want to open up your opportunities to a more lucrative future?

Whether still at school, already in a career such as teaching, or you’re an adult learner ready to spread your wings, we have a host of language tutors here who can teach you the linguistic ropes.

Far from being the finale to our blog, this is just the beginning. Contact our top tuition team today for all your language tuition needs.

Image courtesy of Migration Translators dot com

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