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How To Cope With Exams Afterwards

Obsessing over the exam you’ve just taken seems to be a national – yet understandable – sport amongst teenagers.

What’s guaranteed to make you feel worse? While you’re kicking yourself over missing out a question, your peers are punching the air – chuffed to bits at how well the exam went.

It can feel soul destroying. But don’t let it.

Exams are fraught with emotion for everyone. And, of course, because so much is invested in you doing well (at least that’s how it feels at the time) feelings of failure seem even more intense.

The truth is, there are positive steps you can take to cope with exams which our trusty team of tutors would like to share with you.

Worrying Changes Nothing

Whether it’s the first exam, or your last, it’s true what they say. Worrying changes nothing.

Pulling apart an answer you think you’ve done badly on only results in your head spinning.

Remember that you can’t change what you wrote in the exam.

So worrying about your answers, checking online what you could have written or comparing answers with others, just leads you down a rabbit hole.

Instead, take positive action:

  • Learn from mistakes by changing how you tackle the next exam: if you ran out of time, consider how you might manage time differently. Or if you felt super tired, plan to get to bed earlier the night before
  • Share your worries at a better time. Remember that you don’t have to talk about how the exam went the moment you leave the exam hall if it feels too stressful. That said, we think that sharing your thoughts with a close friend later on might actually help you get the feeling out into the open. Our closest friends are a source of strength during tough times. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  • Put it out of your mind by moving on. This takes some practise, but to cope with exams like a ninja, you truly do need to draw a mental line under it so you can reserve your energy for the next one.

A truth to focus on is that we often ‘think’ we’ve done worse than we actually have.

The R&R Way to Cope with Exams

Exams test us mentally and physically. That’s why rest and relaxation matters. But we like think of R&R as ‘reward’ and ‘relax’ instead.

Reward yourself for trying your best – for ticking off a tough exam. You’ve earned it after all!

Chill out with friends listening to music, treat yourself to a McD, go for a run…¬† ANYTHING but thinking about that last exam.

Relaxing also helps you keep a healthy perspective about exams. They’re a part of your life – not the whole of it.

You can only ever try your best too, remember? That’s an incredible achievement in itself. Plus, an exam doesn’t define who you are – ever. We can promise you that!

Need Extra Help?

Of course, if you need a helping hand to face that next exam or exam season, our experienced private tuition team are available right now.

Click the link to get in touch.

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